Hi and welcome to the Raspberry Pop Shop website! 

Based in Sheffield, UK, we make bright, fresh and fun organic children's clothes.  


Make your own special memories in our gorgeous designs.  Think nostalgic but not old fashioned, think colourful heirlooms, think playing out in the summer or getting snuggled up in the winter, think kids being kids.


We like to be Responsible Raspberries so all our children's clothes since A/W '17 are organic and ethical.  

The fabrics and haberdashery have been made to strict organic, ethical and environmental rules, no child labour has been used and the workers who did make them have been treated and paid fairly.  The construction is done by hand in Sheffield and the patterns we use have been altered so that we don't have to use any components that we can't be sure have come from organic/ethical sources.

Please take a look around!


You can see what we have to offer on the Store page or go over to the Etsy shop http://www.raspberrypopshop.etsy.com


If you have any questions you can get in touch via the Contact page or send an e-mail to info@raspberrypopshop.com